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Running head: wes moore 3 wes moore’s self concept changed when he was around other people his in-group which according to james henslin is the group in which he feels loyalty to (2011) is his family and his friends wes was very concerned about making both groups happy by doing or telling them what. The resources in this guide will help you to learn about the book and author, find book reviews, listen to speeches and interviews or lead a book discussion here are the journal questions used for prof silverman's college success class reading the other wes moore. the other wes moore in the book, the other wes moore by wes moore, there are issues of institutionalized oppression, internalized oppression, power and privilege, race, human rights, social justice and economic justice all throughout this book each and every one of these topics were portrayed at one point or another these issues. Wes moore, the author, and convicted felon wes moore “the other wes moore”: the felon and the rhodes scholar a new book asks the question: what makes one man succeed where another ends up in jail.

In the case of wes moore and the other wes moore the different role models they had played a large role in shaping who they became and why they turned out so differently the strongest influences in wes moore's life were strong positive influences that helped guide him into the successful adult he is now, and unfortunately the other wes moore. An ongoing theme in the other wes moore was going against statistics or what other expected of you looking at wes'(1) profile, a young man hailing from the bronx, one might immediately assume that he is either a high school drop out or in jail wes(1) knew this, and was determined to prove the naysayers wrong. The book the other wes moore shows the reader what an impact a few seemingly small decisions can have later on in a persons life-nathaniel hardy the novel, the other wes moore, portrays how two lives can simultaneously similar and different at the same time i recognize and appreciate the author's tenacity and his drive to find out who the other wes moore.

The other wes moore: one name, two fates by wes moore spiegel & grau 256 pages it takes a village to raise a child, goes the african proverb this book is a cautionary tale of what happens when the village is ill equipped to do so. The other wes moore: the impact of family many people would say we are all just products of our environment for two young boys from baltimore, this could not be truer. The other wes moore blog chapter 6 on chapter 6: hunted, in the novel the other wes moore was mainly focused on the themes of life choices and the i mportance of education for example the other wes was still in the drug selling business and felt like it was a huge part of his life even though he was in so much trouble with the police. Buy a cheap copy of the other wes moore: one name, two book by wes moore two kids with the same name lived in the same decaying city one went on to be a rhodes scholar, decorated combat veteran, white house fellow, and business leader free shipping over $10. Unlike wes, the other wes moore didn't have as much structure in his life he didn't go to military school, he didn't have strict parents, and he didn't join the military all of these things would have lead him to be a successful young man instead, he had to fend for himself which is a huge task to ask a young man growing up with so many.

Unfortunately, as good as the book is, the other wes moore is likely to reinforce a common misconception about the backgrounds of the millions of young men whose failure in school deprives them of any opportunity for success as adults as richard whitmire emphasizes in his book, why boys fail, the problem is by no means unique. Bellbrook high school ~ college english: summer reading the other wes moore: one name, two fates (wes moore) new york, spiegel & grau (2010) these questions are adapted from the ohio state university discussion. The other wes moore study guide by msharper32 includes 75 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more quizlet flashcards, activities and.

Wes continued to have relations with other girls one night, one of the girls quickly runs from wes's house, realizing how late it was, and wes chased after her, demanding an explanation when he steps out of the house, a man asks the girl what she is doing with wes he then proceeds to attack wes, punching him again and again wes broke free. Mother) from the other wes moore (whose mother left him unattended from age 8 and whose primary influence was a criminally involved older brother)in the end, i was left with the impression that this was a vanity project for the author. The other wes moore assignment: analyzing cause & effect september 6, 2015 september 6, 2015 dual credit, eng 101, x write a 3-5 page paper analyzing the way wes moore uses cause and effect in his work you may wish to discuss the following. In the other wes moore, drugs have had a big impact on wes throughout his life as this lifestyle has been the only thing he has ever known this turning point is important to the connection between the two wes' because the two wes' are returning back to similar morals and completing a full circle when they were both young, they were innocent.

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  • The other wes moore, however, had an alcoholic father who was absent his entire life, not bothering to get involved with his son the second wes moore, unlike the author of this novel, never had a father figure and the only male role model he had was his elder brother who eventually dropped out of school to sell drugs both boys were also.

The other wes moore: one name, two fates: home sparknotes chapter 2 summary: in search of home the other wes wes's brother tony lived with his father in a very dirty, dangerous, and drug filled area tony was six years older than wes, and was very protective of him even at a young age, tony had already built up a fierce reputation as a drug dealer, and he hoped that wes. The other wes moore essay 1053 words | 5 pages the other wes moore’s profile essay a person’s success or failure can be determined by their environment, education, choices a number of different things the autobiography the other wes moore takes a look at two boys with the same name and eerily similar circumstances who end up in. The other wes moore – chapter 5 summary & analysis chapter 5 while harassing his sister, wes (the author) accidentally splits her lip and he gets in serious trouble from his mother his mother had already had a disappointing conversation with the dean at riverdale she slapped wes, twice, hard across the face “she was devastated she. The other wes moore is a narrative non-fiction story that chronicles the lives of two young african-american men that share the same name: wes moore the author was inspired to write this story because of this fact and their similar start in baltimore, maryland while one wes moore was sentenced to life in prison, the author wes moore became a rhodes scholar and a best-selling author moore.

the other wes moore the impact • tony has a tremendous impact on the other wes moore what were some what were some examples of how tony’s influence affected wes and contributed to his choices in. the other wes moore the impact • tony has a tremendous impact on the other wes moore what were some what were some examples of how tony’s influence affected wes and contributed to his choices in.
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